Pride Connection Presents: The Year of COVID-19 a Success…Say What?!?!

Episode Notes

Pride Connection was happy to chat with Dustin Rynders, the Supervising Attorney of the Education team at Disability Rights Texas, (DRTX). If you are a student with a disability in the State of Texas and need assistance, check out the advocacy services you can get help with by visiting

Do you live in one of the other US states and territories and need advocacy services or just have questions about your rights? Find your Protection & Advocacy, (P&A), agency by visiting the National Disability Rights Network at

When Kimberle Crenshaw coined the term, “intersectionality,” 30 years ago, it was an obscure legal concept. Read more about this on VOX.

If you found the issue of limiting beliefs interesting, visit The libra’s Balance at to join in the conversation and learn more on the topics of positive self-talk and much more.

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