Sunday Edition for April 18, 2021 – Depression, Mental Well Being, Coping with Vision Loss

Episode Notes

Depression, Mental well being, coping with vision loss and navigating through the emotional toll the pandemic has cost us all.

Sunday Edition has been holding conversations about loosing sight, we have addressed the feelings behind not always receiving the services and support we may need and so many more deep conversations. This Sunday we take a deep dive into depression, and emotional well being. From the daily toll of navigating through the pandemic and the stigma of asking for help we strive in this conversation to highlight the fact that the best thing one can do for ones-self is to recognize the need for support and have the courage to seek it!
In a candid, intimate  and sometimes difficult but ultimately hopeful conversation, Friend to the show and First Vice President Mark Richert will open up about his recent struggles with significant depression and who with the caring encouragement of true friends, supportive  professional  pastoral counseling and priceless family and faith  has life lessons to share. Mark has expressed the desire to share with ACB his story in the hopes it will inspire conversations for others who may be struggling and inspire all of us to remember to reach out to our friends and loved ones who may need a little TLC and support. 
As we transition into conversation about keeping emotionally healthy through the daily struggles and when life dishes out hard situations we  aim to help eradicate the stigma that asking for help is a weakness. 
I have invited a few friends to join Mark and me as a round-table for resources to reach out to and for. It will be a fascinating and educational conversation. I invite all listeners to join us using the zoom info below to share your experiences and any resources. 
Weather its cabin fever with a one year old, losing a loved one or so many other hard life situations addressing our own well being is so important. 
So join us this Sunday at 1pm on ACB Radio Mainstream and lets talk about Mental Health in an Honest, caring and deeply emotional way.

Sunday edition welcomes your comments, suggestions and of course if you have a question and can’t join us live please email me at:
[email protected]

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