Sunday Edition for March 28, 2021 – Cogswell Macy and A Round Table Education Conversation

Episode Notes

Friends to the Show Debbie and Lori are hard working/advocating ACB Members who have assembled a panel of subject matter experts to present the challenges facing the education of our children and all disabled kids. Mark, our intrepid vice president will present the basics of the Cogswell Macy act and its vital importance. We will hear first hand accounts of navigating a blind child through all the hurdles that make it sometimes 5 times as difficult to advocate for equal educational experiences. The IEP process, how to advocate effectively and how to get support. PLUS we will answer any  of your call-in questions, so use the link below to join us on Sunday at 1pm eastern on ACB Radio Mainstream or by following the links below for podcast versions of the show. 

The Panelists are:
Donna Brown TVI WV; Pam Cox, TVI KY; Karen Blachowicz, President ACBNY and parent of a child who is blind, NY; Lori Scharff, Advocate VA; Mark Richert, Interim Executive Director, AER, VA; Debbie Grubb, Advocate, FL.
Sunday edition welcomes your comments, suggestions and of course if you have a question and can’t join us live please email me at:
[email protected]

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