Sunday Edition for March 7, 2021: Losing Sight Mid-life, Suddenly

Episode Notes

This week Sunday Edition will be speaking with Tyson Ernst in our series: Losing Sight Mid-life. We are so pleased to welcome Sila Miller to the conversation!! We have spoken about the importance of grieving, support and advocating for one selves and now we will bridge those topics with ways and means to find resources, advocate for ourselves and to manage what is sometimes devastating changes. Sila is a great subject matter expert who cares so much about people and I am so pleased to have her on Sunday Edition. Tyson my Partner in this series of conversations is a leader in ACB and brings a great personal perspective as well as a strength in knowledge.

In her own words Sila brings;

I’m a Type A personality – problem solver. My goal is to model and foster a culture of communicating and caring about others’ quality of life
My strengths are writing-documenting, facilitating, listening and organizing.
I try hard to “Enjoy the journey”. I strive to accept others where they are, not changing but hopefully, positively influencing.
I feel successful when I can help someone calmly communicate, examine the issue—come down off the ledge towards helping themselves.

Areas of professional life to discuss
General provision of resource info – network with Districts
Conflict Resolution – Client Rights
See Different
Small Business Plan Review Team

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