Sunday Edition for February 28, 2021: Clark Rachfal and Bryan Wolynski with OrCam

Episode Notes

Leadership week looked and felt very different than previous years however, the Zeal of ACB Advocators has never been stronger. Our Governmental Affairs Magician Clark is responsible for herding, re-envisioning and creating a virtual model that was a HOME-run Success.

Clark will talk with us about the success, the follow up and the amazing advocating spirit of ACB. He will also tell us a little about his new Co-worker.

Then in our second hour Bryan will join me to talk about the OrCam products, answer questions and will walk us through a Sunday Edition discount!!

I have had the opportunity to try and use both of OrCam’s flagship products’ MyEye2 and Reader. We will highlight the amazing uses and some fun new things other users have found helpful as well as some exciting OrCam news. 

Bryan has been with the company from the beginning stages and is the perfect person to walk us through and answer all of our OrCam questions.

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