Sunday Edition for February 7. 2021: Losing Sight Mid-Life part 2 and a Conversation with Shane Lowe from Mediate, Developer of the app SuperSense

Episode Notes

Tyson Ernst joins me again this Sunday for the second installment of Sunday Edition’s Losing Sight Mid-life conversation. This week we will focus on outreach and coping skills. We spoke of the importance of grieving and moving forward last month and now we will talk about ways to get the process started and streamlined.

From Rehab to finding outlets and organizations it is daunting to find one selves thrust into this dark new world without support. If you have suggestions and/or comments for us and the listeners please follow the ZOOM info below.

After that I am excited to start a new series of conversations around apps that revolutionize the life and mobility of our community. This week I start with Shane Lowe and SuperSense. In the coming weeks I will feature Orcam, Lazarillo and the developers of the Talking Cane.

Mediate is an up and coming app-development company with blindness at
the forefront of what they do. Supersense, their flagship product,
features an intuitive interface and innovative recognition technology
to create the most efficient scanning experience possible, and Mediate
has just released Super LIDAR, the first blindness application to
revolutionize navigation with LIDAR on the latest iDevices. The
company specializes in innovative research and development for the
blindness community, and what they do is driven by user feedback.
Shane Lowe collects that feedback and serves as the Community
Operations manager for Mediate.

He doesn’t have free time because he has a four-year-old son, but in
his dreams, Shane is also a live music engineer, percussionist, avid
reader, and gamer.

I am sure many of you will want to learn about the exciting features that the and SuperSense and the new app offer us. Shane will answer your questions and maybe we can talk him into a community call about these 2 easy to use apps that can make life so much easier to navigate.

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