Sunday Edition for January 24, 2021: All Things Audio Description with Susan Glass, Joel Snyder, Carl Richardson, and Jason Stark

Episode Notes

This week we will be talking All things Audio Description with the subject matter experts that can give us all the current info and answer all of your questions.

Dr. Joel Snyder is a tireless advocate for and a industry leading expert who has brought to ACB so much. This week we will start with the BADIE awards, the ADP Awards, what’s new with Audio Description and so much more.

See the official BADIE RELEASE below and find out how you can enter and possibly win an iPad or other great prizes.

Jason Stark has been with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD)

since 1991. Prior to serving as Director for the last ten years, his job duties at Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) focused on IT and distribution management. His experiences have included the administration of staff in 58 media libraries across the United States and was responsible for direction of computer and Internet operations resulting in national first-ever advancements in accessible media creation, delivery and retrieval. He designed and coded the very first project website, which grew to become the current Internet-based media cataloging, classifying, and scheduling system to meet the needs of students with a sensory disability, their families, and the professionals who work with them.

Over the past ten years, under his guidance as Director, the project has seen an increase in usage and higher numbers of new members. New technology developments occurred including the iOS app, AppleTV app, Roku channel, interactive transcripts, and embeddable player integration with Learning Management Systems. New project initiatives were begun, such as direct service to students enabling them to take more control over their own learning both in the classroom and “on the go.” An expanded Learning Center which includes e-Learning training opportunities for teachers and other professionals was implemented as part of a complete website redesign.

In addition to his work with the NAD, he has performed outside consulting for individuals and businesses in areas of general business consulting, technology training, accessibility and media production.

Susan Glass

For 30 years, Susan Glass taught English Composition, Creative Writing, and literature, first at San Jose State University, and then at West Valley Community College. Blind since birth, Susan says that her sister Jo Lynn and her mother were her first audio describers. She’s been a member of ACB since 2006, and an active fan and promoter of audio description since 2010. She and her husband John Glass live in Saratoga California with Susan’s 5 year old yellow lab guide dog Omni. Both John and Susan serve on the Board of Directors for the Vista Center For The Blind and Visually Impaired in Palo Alto CA

Susan and Carl are two well-known members and advocates in the American Council of the blind. Working tirelessly in the audio description realm they bring your knowledge and expertise to Sunday edition this week in the hopes of advancing the two award programs as well as answer all of our audio description questions.


Young People Who Are Blind Write Reviews of Film and Video

The American Council of the Blind’s Audio Description Project (ACB-ADP) and the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) are continuing their co-sponsorship of an exciting opportunity for blind and visually impaired young people, in four categories from ages 7 to 21: the Benefits of Audio Description in Education (BADIE) contest.

Kids love movies! Movies, videos, and other forms of multimedia are, these days, integral to public, private, and special education curriculum. If you’re a young person who can’t see or can’t see well, audio description provides access to all the visual images of the movies that sighted young people enjoy.

Students choose an audio-described film or video from the more than 8000 titles available through DCMP – visit Or a young person who is blind can borrow an audio-described video or film from a library, and dozens of audio-described films videos are available for purchase through the ACB-ADP’s website at

Reviews can be submitted in writing, in braille or via an audio recording. Register for the contest at: Entries can also be submitted via e-mail or postal mail (submissions from outside the United States are welcome too.

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