Sunday Edition for December 13, 2020: Lights of 2020 this Holiday Season

Episode Notes

“Its better to light a single candle  then to  curse the darkness”- Elenor Roosevelt, Confucious  and FDR are all said to have originated this quote, but no matter whom the author Sunday Edition wants to light many candles this week. 

The year 2020  has been long, dark and difficult for most of us   Pandemic roars even as we have a light in this dark tunnel; in the form of a vaccine. The election and its continuing aftermath drained the little energy most of us had to try to keep positive but this week on Sunday Edition we want to share in the good or great moments that have happened this year. 

In the darkest of times children and grandchildren have been born, marriages began and love has flourished. Some of us have worked hard on advocacy  and to change the narrative of so many issues. No matter how hard it is out there ACB created a community that stepped up to support each other 

So this Sunday we call for stories and or reasons to celebrate this 2020 holiday season. Join us live on ACB Radio Mainstream at 1pm or if you wish to share follow the Zoom info below. 
Sunday Edition can also be found on most pod catchers by searching: ACB Sunday Edition

Looking forward to sharing all the beautiful reasons we have to celebrate!