Pride Connection Presents: Crisis Quality of Care Guidelines

Episode Notes

Our exceptional ally and affiliate member Cheryl Cumings interviews
Brandie Sendziak, supervising attorney at the Independent Living
Resource Center of San Francisco. As the Covid 19 pandemic continues
to adversely affect all facets of our society, the discussion revolves
around “standard of care” guidelines for hospitals and other medical
facilities. Early on in the pandemic, much fear surrounded the
possibility that those with disabilities, seniors and those with
underlying health conditions would be de-prioritized for life saving
treatment if capacity levels grew scarce in hospitals. Standard of
care guidelines were created in California and other states to try and
prevent this scenario from unfolding. Brandy and Cheryl discuss
adoption of these standards and how we can all advocate for ourselves
during this unprecedented time. Cheryl will remain with us after the
interview for a round table discussion on this topic.

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