Pride Connection for July 28, 2020 Presents: The Voice of an Asexual Person

Please join Pride Connection tonight as we hear the voice of one of BPI’s newest members, Randy Reed.

Randy invites us into his journey of self-discovery. He shares the confusion and misunderstanding he went through until he was able to find a word that described his sexual orientation- Asexual.

This candid and open conversation educates us on the term “asexual.” we hear from this real-life expert; his struggles; his experiences; and most importantly, the life-transforming moment in which he found and understood himself.

Join us tonight, Tuesday July 28 at 10:00 PM on ACB Radio Mainstream, as we learn and share. You can also find this edition of Pride Connection during any of our replays this week- Tomorrow, Wednesday at 10:00 AM or this up-coming Sunday at 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM, all on ACB Radio Mainstream.

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