Pride Connection – Inaugural Show for March 24, 2020

Come one and come all to the Blind LGBT Pride ACB radio show. We are very happy and of course proud to launch this new adventure in advocacy, human interest and of course fun. BPI has always been the fun affiliate and that hasn’t changed. However, we have always been a force not only in LGBTQ rights, but also in human rights and the rights of the low or no vision community. That is where this new show starts, but prepare for a lot of fun along the way. Every Tuesday night at 10 PM Eastern time on ACB Radio mainstream is where to find the party. All are welcome, and the only door fee is an open heart and the desire to have some fun and learn along the way. Please join us and let us know what you think and what you would like to see on upcoming shows.

You can learn more about Blind LGBT Pride International at