Main Menu 01 Jun 2012

This week’s show starts with Executive Producer Chase Crispin interviewing Jenny Axler from Hims, Inc. about the Braille Sense U2 notetaker and the new Braille Edge Braille display and basic notetaker. MainMenu staff member Mary Emerson continues our exclusive coverage of new products from Hims, Inc. with a demonstration of the Braille Edge Braille display and basic notetaker. It’s all on MainMenu this week on acbradio’s Mainstream! Main Menu can be first heard on Fridays at 9:00 pm Eastern time. It airs throughout Saturday on ACB Radio Mainstream. It is also available in the iTunes store, in the iBlink Radio app for IOS and Android devices, and is available to Radio Reading Services around the world. Subscribe to the Main Menu podcast feed at: Follow MainMenu on Twitter at: Subscribe to a list where you can interact with other Main Menu listeners and the Main Menu staff by sending a blank email message to: mm-friends-subscribe at