Main Menu 03 Apr 2010

Welcome to the first Main Menu show for April, 2010. This week, Chase Crispin concludes his demonstration of the Book Port Plus. Next, we begin bringing you highlights of CSUN 2010 courtesy of Blind Bargains. J.J. Meddaugh interviews James Gashel who demonstrates the forthcoming Blio Reader and discusses the newest version of the KNFB Reader. For anyone familiar with the original interview presented on, the strong language present in the book being demonstrated has been removed for the Main Menu broadcast. Our sincere thanks to Blind Bargains for allowing us to use content from their CSUN coverage. You may hear more of their coverage over the next few weeks. Main Menu airs on Saturdays at 1:00 UTC; that’s Fridays at 9:00 Eastern in the U.S. Subscribe to the Main Menu podcast feed at: Follow Main Menu on Twitter by visiting

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