Main Menu 19 Dec 2009

On this week’s edition of Main Menu: Caroline Ragot, marketing director of Code Factory, tells us about the many exciting features of Mobile Speak version 4. Code Factory says Mobile Speak 4 is multiplatform, multivoice, and ready for the next generation. What does that mean? It will work with touch screen devices. Which ones and how is this accomplished? There are so many new features in Mobile Speak 4 that Caroline was barely able to scratch the service, but she gave it her best shot. Main Menu airs on Saturdays at 1:00 UTC; that’s Fridays at 8:00 Eastern time in the U.S. Call the Main Menu comment line at (206) 338-7823. Messages may be played on the program and may be edited due to time constraints. Subscribe to the Main Menu podcast feed at:

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