Main Menu 21 Nov 2009

On this week’s edition of Main Menu: Your host takes you on a tour of the LG enV3 from Verizon Wireless. The discussion includes a description of the physical layout of the phone, setting up speech on the phone, making calls, manipulating contacts, and sending and receiving text messages. Along the way we look at resources for learning more about this phone, the host shares his personal journey down the road of cell phone accessibility, and we discuss the history, current state, and future of cell phone accessibility. Most remarkable of all, we do all of this in just under one hour. Main Menu airs on Saturdays at 1:00 UTC; that’s Fridays at 8:00 Eastern time in the U.S. Call the Main Menu comment line at (206) 338-7823. Messages may be played on the program and may be edited due to time constraints. Subscribe to the Main Menu podcast feed at:

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