S1E123 – 20230711 Tuesday Topics – The 2023 ACB Convention.

After a period away, Tuesday Topics is overjoyed to be back. You can probably guess what our topic will be. Every year we utilize our first presentation after the convention to provide our sense of how the convention went. While our opinions are important, your views as our listeners are even more important. Brian, Maryann, … Read more

S1E122 – 20230606 – Tuesday Topics – The Podcast.

In around 2004 a new phenomenon arrived that was to alter the technology scene. As with so many developments, there was a question of whether the idea would catch on. Now, twenty years after their first appearance, podcasts have become hugely popular, amazingly diverse and immensely entertaining. We think there are a lot of people … Read more

S1E121 – 20230530 – Tuesday Topics – Covid Questions.

On this show we are going to explore some of the impacts both negative and positive of the end of the COVID era. What happened to people who are blind during Covid? We isolated; we used technology to survive; we virtually stopped traveling; we used technology to create our new communities. What impact did all … Read more

S1E117 – 20230502 – Tuesday Topics – propaganda.

As often seems to happen with our program, we only got one of our two major issues covered this time. So our next program will look at how the various notions of information affect the field of blindness! It is a little frightening to suggest that that the field of blindness and visual impairment is … Read more

S1E115 – 20230411 – Tuesday Topics – Acb Voting.

How well did voting work last year at ACB? What changes, if any, can we look forward to this year? How did people vote who were at the convention? Did many need assistance? How did affiliate voting work? Are there going to be any changes in how affiliates vote this year? What do we know … Read more