Creating gratitude

Come join us and make 2 cards with Hayley.Both cards this time are going to be thank you cards. In this time when helping is so necessary and gratitude a must in order to survive, The cards will both have a summer theme; one will have a ladybug on it and one will have a … Read more

Let’s talk Gift Baskets

Come and join the talk about creating gift baskets. We had Tijuanna join us who has experience and ideas for us. We learned how you can put together baskets for all occasions. To contact Tijuanna with questions or more info You can e-mail or call her at: Tijuanna Clemons [email protected] (346) 222 – 1697

Let’s Start Loom Knitting!

In this episode we learn about the knitting loom, how to e-wrap cast on & how to knit over. You can find us on Facebook at ACB Crafters. Be sure to join our listserve by sending a blank email with subscribe in the subject line to acb–[email protected].

S1E2 -Introduction To Loom Knitting

Are you looking for a new hobby? Learn about what you will need to get started loom knitting. Courtney educates us on to different looms that are available and where we can purchase them. Our Participants questions are answered.

S1E1 -Crafting with Jars

Looking for someplace to hide your spare money? No spot is better than a toilet paper roll. Place the roll inside a mason jar, fill it with your valuables, and surround it with something decorative, like stones, paper, or M&Ms. Then pop a lid on the could also decorate the jar using ribbons. There … Read more