S1E135 – 20231003 – Tuesday Topics – The ACB Employment Committee.

Tuesday Topics has welcomed ACB’S Employment Committee in the past and are happy to welcome some of them again this week. Peter Altschul, Melanie Sonohui and Carrie Muth will be our guests. The committee has been very busy since we last had them on. They have been creating podcasts, collecting and spreading job announcements and, now, they have released a survey that they would like us to know about and obviously they would like us to participate by completing the survey as well. To start our Tuesday Topics next week then, we look forward to seeing some members of the ACB Employment Committee. It could be that they will have enough to fill our whole program. In case they do not, there is one additional topic we plan to at least have on tap.  October is Disability Employment Month. What does that mean? We will ask our Employment Committee guests but we are asking you as well. How should the month be used? What do we want to highlight? We hear about special and positive characteristics of disabled employees! What are they? Are they valuable? Are there other ways we could promote the employment of people with disabilities? What are some of these? We know that discrimination plays a part! What should we do about that?

Clearly there are a huge number of people who are blind or have low vision who are not working! Surely that ought to be a major concern of all of us! If you ran the zoo, how would you change this unacceptable state of affairs!

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