S1E128 – 20230815 – Tuesday Topics – Internet radio.

It is a common thing for Tuesday Topics to bite off more than it can chew. We did it again last night! We thought we were going to spend an hour talking

about our experiences with radio and then move on to other things. Not so much! We spent a truly fun two hours romping together through the past of radio
and us! If you missed the show, catch the repeats or the podcast! It was great fun!
However, oh dearly beloved as Kipling would say, we have unfinished business! There is an amazing resource out there called internet radio and there are
an amazing number of ways to access it. We want to spend some time talking about this phenomenon that makes tens of thousands of radio stations from all
over world available to us! Of course, among the many available options are the ten channels of ACB Media! There are apps that aggregate huge collections
of radio stations. Some do it by country; others by genre; and still others collect everything to do with their topic! You can use a note taker, Alexa,
Google Home, or apple’s smart speaker! You can use your phone, your computer or actual internet radio receivers!
What are your favorite internet radio stations? How do you listen? What apps do you use and why? The Victor Reader Stream is about to change how it handles
internet radio. Is that a good thing? Will Humanware come onto our show and give us a sneak peak at what they plan? Probably not but, of course, they are
Is there a particular kind of music you like? Do you miss old time radio? Is our media three not enough for you? Would you like to hear news from other
countries without the static of short wave? The internet has created a space where people can and do run their own stations and where people who are blind
have become proprietors of radio empires and disk jockeys on larger stations developed and run by blind and visually impaired folks. We hope to learn lots
from you and may have a few things to teach you as well.

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