S1E110 – 20230228 – Tuesday Topics – access to large appliances

As often seems to happen, our program last week intended to cover

two topics but only got to one. That left the accessibility of large appliances as essentially undiscussed.
On the last day of February, then, that will be our topic. Where are we with this issue? Historically, how did we handle access. How has the “internet
of things” changed our situation. Does having an appliance that connects with the lady a or Google home or siri assure accessibility? What steps can we
take when buying new appliances to be certain we can use all or most of their features? Where does braille fit into this mosaic? Are there still overlays?
Do we seem to be moving forward or backward in terms of access to the internet of things? What can we do to assure that we are heard?
We need to hear your experiences with new appliances. Have you had to pay more to get what you need? Have you been able to get what you need? Join us as
we explore how stoves and refrigerators and air conditioners and washers and dryers and furnaces and security systems all stack up in today’s economy.

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