S1E108 – 20230214 – Tuesday Topics – technology for people who are blind, plus The Cell Phone.

Once more Tuesday Topics will depend on you for our success. We are once more going to try for a double feature. Those of you who have been a part of Tuesday

Topics for a while know that this means we are going to choose two topics which we will discuss. The idea is that we will find one that encourages folks
to call in and participate. We are competing with Valentine’s Day so we probably have no way of knowing whether folks will be billing and cooing rather
than coming.

One of our two topics concerns technology for people who are blind. What trends can we identify? Are these “hybrid” devices becoming the norm? Is there
a role for braille note takers an more? If so, what is that role? What has happened with low vision devices? What do we know about new devices that are
likely to happen this year? What is missing? By that I mean, what do we know of that we can’t easily do using current hardware and software?
Our second topic is also technological but it focuses on one particular device, the cell phone. There are basically three main cell phone categories. First
and probably the most popular is the iPhone. Second, of course, are android phones. Third and, oddly en, the most recent in a way is the blind shell phone.
We thought it might be interesting to see what people are doing with their phones. Are we using them mostly as phones or do we do other things than call
most of the time? Are there new apps we have found that we want to share? Why has the Blind Shell phone garnered such interest? There will perhaps be more
issues we explore as we examine devices that are, potentially, much more than phones to see how you, our listeners, are using them!

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