S1E106 – 20230131 – Tuesday Topics – The down side of artificial intelligence.

Though it may seem a long time ago to some, we looked at a lot of the advantages of the newly emerging artificial intelligence (AI) capacity that we can

access today. We also looked ahead at developments that we believed were inevitable and, potentially, beneficial.
We certainly talked about some of the pitfalls that the new technology might involve but, at the end of our first show, we decided it would be good to
spend a whole show on the down side of the future both for our society as a whole and for people who are blind in particular. Will the new technology affect
jobs? Will an absolutely smaller number of jobs be available? How will this affect income distribution? Will the underclass that many see as existing now
continue to grow? Should we be worried about computers taking over the world? When all is said and done, how should we feel about the future?

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