20230118 Untangling Transportation – Doing it Ourselves.

20230118 Untangling Transportation – Doing it Ourselves.
Originally Aired January 18, 2023, on ACB Media 6

As we all know, the availability of safe and reliable transportation is one of the most important factors impacting our ability to get and keep a job. But what if transportation was the job? What would that look like? Can blind or visually impaired people even do that? On this month’s Untangling Transportation, we dove into these questions and much more with two ACB members who work in the field of public transit. Donna Browning lives in Northern VA and works in a paratransit call center where she helps other people with disabilities get to work, school, the grocery store, medical appointments, and the other
places they need to go. David Bouchard lives in Portland, OR, and he works for the local public transit agency helping to make sure bus stops, rail stations and other transit facilities are accessible for all customers, including those with disabilities. Participants learned about how and why they got into the public transit industry and how it is going, and we also took your questions.

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