S1E105 – 20230110 – Tuesday Topics – Artificial Intelligence.

During our program of January 3, Brian talked about a new app he has been looking at that allows him to make some requests that go a good deal beyond just

asking for information. A little while ago my daughter indicated that her new electric car had asked her whether she wanted it to park itself.
In considering how life is likely to change this year, Brian indicated that artificial intelligence would, in his opinion, revolutionize our lives very
soon. He sees this as a very positive development. I am not so sure. I thought it might be fun to do a first show on this subject that would aim at setting
out the parameters of the intersection of artificial intelligence and the lives of people who are blind. At the same time that we are talking about the
emergence of a i, we can also explore augmented reality. The latest version of Apple head phones offer some elements that would not have been considered
ordinary even a year ago. Virtual reality is already revolutionizing gaming and sound. I recently saw my first movie in 3d, the new avatar movie. Those
with whom I saw it suggested that the effects were considerably more impressive than earlier 3d efforts. What are the advantages of the new artificial
intelligence options? What do they suggest for the future? Are there concerns that we need to at least consider? What are the specific concerns of this
new frontier for people who are blind or have low vision? Are we in danger of being left behind? Might we be in danger of being fooled by people who can
use the voices of friends and carry on conversations with us? Can the new a i be a tool that can significantly expand our ability to get the information
we really want tailored to us as people who are blind? There are a i programs that can emulate people who have died so that we can use conversation with
them as a part of the grieving process? Is this a good thing?
We need some of you who have played with this technology to be a part of this show. Join us and share your experiences! None of us are experts in this
field but we thought it might be good for a group of ordinary blind people to explore the new frontier of artificial intelligence to see what it holds
for folks who are blind. Should we as ACB be doing anything about this brave new world? Can our input guide those who are developing new applications so
that they can optimize their usefulness to us as people who are blind?

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