S1E104 – 20230103 – Tuesday Topics – What can we expect from 2023. – 1900.

Over the past few years Tuesday Topics generally uses our first meeting of the year to look ahead. What can we expect from 2023? Are there things we expect

in our world this year? Are there ACB issues? What about expectations about new books or new music or new movies?
What can we expect from ACB or, perhaps, what should we expect? Are there things state affiliates and local chapters should think about?
I don’t think that we will end up using our whole two hours gazing into our crystal ball. Tell us about your new year’s resolutions! Have you done anything
that makes it more likely that you will keep them? Can you share suggestions about how we can maximize success with resolutions? I guess we can ask whether
resolutions make sense since eighty percent of them cease to be operative by February according to statistics.

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