WCB Newsline Readers’ Choice 2022 Virtual Award Gala

Readers’ Choice Award 2022

Show notes by Heather Meares
Welcome to our 3rd Annual Virtual Readers’ Choice Award Gala! Join us as we read and discuss each of the four finalist articles from 2022.
Special thanks to Steve Pierce for being our reader and for all his editing expertise throughout the year, and to Viola Bentson, for hosting our Zoom event. In addition, as the editors, Reg and I would like to thank the entire Newsline and podcast committee by name: Beth Greenberg, Chris Coulter, Zack Hurtz, Marilee Richards, Linda Wilder, Viola Bentson, Lucash Uniack, and an honorable mention to Denise Colley, who will always be an honorary member of our committee, no matter where she lives. Each and every one of our committee members contributes their own part to the herculean effort that is the Newsline. We are honored to have such a hard-working and creative team, and appreciate you all.
This year’s nominees are as follows:
From the winter issue, “Too Hot to Handle” – by Frank Cuta
From the spring issue, “I Choose Joy” – by Hayley Agers
From the summer issue, “Who Gives a Hoot?” – by Heather Meares
From the fall issue, “Train Music” – by Chris Coulter
It has been another great year of writing, scribing, creating, and podcasting, and we are so pleased to be your editors. Here’s cheers to another great year ahead!

Heather Meares and Reginald George

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