S1E102 – 20221213 Tuesday Topics – A review of the year 2022.

We typically, at the end of each year, look back at the last twelve months and explore what conclusions, if any, we can draw about the nature of 2022.

What kind of developments have there been in the field of blindness. Can we point to new elements of cooperation? Are there tangible things we can look
at that have changed? What about technology? Should we care about Mastodon? We have seen a few new devices emerge. Braille keyboards, new Gps device, the
promise of a new, old device and more!
We don’t only operate as people who are blind. We live in a world that has seen a huge, new war begin! Two hurricanes hit this country! What other trends
can we point at? Has this been a good year, a bad year, a scary year?
And then, of course, there is ACB. What has this year been like for our organization. Hybrid convention, voting for everyone possible, new resolutions,
a changing Constitution. New staff arriving, old staff leaving! New initiatives and old issues!
And, finally, our listeners, what has this year been like for you? Do you have celebrations you want to share? Are there issues that have gotten in your
way this year? We need you to be there to provide the feedback we need to assess the world that soon will be over!

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