20221212 Lessons in Advocacy from the LGBTQIA Community Part 2

20221212 Lessons in Advocacy from the LGBTQIA Community Part 2
Originally Aired December 12, 2022, on ACB Media 5

Participants joined Gabriel Lopez Kafati, Leah Gardner, Anthony Corona, and special guest, Debbie Grubb, as they unpacked “Good Trouble and Good Troublemakers.” In our first session, Eric Marcus, of the immensely popular podcast, Making Gay History, walked us through a few memorable voices of the LGBTQ activist history. Using tapes of interviews done with these pioneers, we learned of bravery in the face of such harsh discrimination as well as so many successful moments of advocacy in the movement. A recap of that call can be heard on BPI’s current Pride Connection episode.
We referred to those clips as well as some others in this discussion. We invited attendees to the discussion as we unpack what successful techniques applied and good troublemakers used to move the community out of the proverbial shadows and into the light of acceptance. We know the work is ongoing, but what can our community learn from these groundbreakers? How can we as Blind and low vision advocates borrow from the LGBTQIA plus activists?
Listen to the Pride Connection Podcast Episode for the recap.

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