20221116 Untangling Transportation – Unwrapping Air Travel

20221116 Untangling Transportation – Unwrapping Air Travel
Originally Aired November 16, 2022, on ACB Media 5

The holidays are fast approaching, and millions of Americans will be taking to the air to visit relatives, take vacations, and still traveling for work. Air travel can be stressful for anyone under the best of circumstances. For those of us who are blind or low-vision, air travel offers additional challenges.

In November, we unwrapped air travel, and we had two Stanleys to help us out. Claire Stanley is an ACB member, Guide Dog handler, and public policy Analyst for the National Disability Rights Network. Jenine Stanley is a former President of GDUI, former Director of Community Relations for Guide Dog Foundation in Smithtown, NY, and the Director of Customer
Communication for AIRA. Claire and Jenine joined us to discuss everything from traveling with guide dogs, to requesting assistance from airline personnel to tips for using Aira while navigating airports. So, buckle up, put those tray tables in their down position, grab your peanuts and drinks of choice, and bring your own tips and tricks for winging your way through the holidays.

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