ACB E-Forum for October 2022

Table of Contents

  • President’s Message: Congratulations! We Did It!, by Dan Spoone
  • Traveling to Schaumburg, by Janet Dickelman
  • 2022 ACB Conference and Convention Summary, by Katie Frederick
  • ACB Awards Scholarships to 20 Outstanding Students, by Denise Colley
  • Sleepless in Omaha, by Cachet Wells
  • My ACB Braille Forum Raffle Story, by Allan Peterson
  • ACB Membership Committee Seminar: “Membership 101,” compiled by Ardis Bazyn
  • Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, by John McCann
  • Summary of 2022 Resolutions
  • Summary of the July 1, 2022 ACB Board Meeting, by Penny Reeder
  • Affiliate News
  • Here and There, edited by Cynthia G. Hawkins
  • High Tech Swap Shop
  • ACB Officers, ACB Board of Directors, ACB Board of Publications

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