S1E82 – 20220517 – Tuesday Topics – Resolutions Committee meets on Tuesday Topics – 1859.

This is, of course, not the only time the committee will meet. Open meetings will happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays and those resolutions up for discussion will be described. On this show we will deal with a situation on the Resolutions Committee that I have never seen before. By the way, I am saying “we” because I am a member of the committee. What I have not seen before are two resolutions asking for precisely the opposite outcome. I will not give the resolutions away because they may change but there is a resolution that asks that people do a very simple thing submitted by one affiliate for good reasons. There is another resolution submitted by another affiliate that asks ACB to support exactly the opposite action. The debate should be interesting! I don’t think that the Resolutions Committee can send both forward. I suppose the committee could decide to let the members decide and send both on. I hope that doesn’t happen but we will see. There may also be a couple of additional resolutions for the committee to look at if the first few go well. Tune in or join the debate as Tuesday Topics and the Resolutions Committee join forces on May 17.
Remember to join us tonight for a chance to be involved with the resolutions committee as the tackle three resolutions. They will also describe the process which will be used this year to give our members the opportunity to vote on resolutions.

Tuesday Topics will, as usual, happen between 7 and 9 PM on May 17. ACB is having a hybrid convention and Tuesday Topics is sort of having a hybrid show. We have invited a cast of thousands to join us. That means the Resolutions Committee. We will talk about the resolutions process but will actually invite the Resolutions Committee to do their thing during the show. So we will actually read resolutions, accept them, make sure we are happy with the wording and invite members of the audience to tell us what they think. It’s kind of a cool process.

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