20220429 – VISAbilities Exhibit Extravaganza – 1859.

For more than 20 years, Michael Smitherman has never failed to impress ACB convention goers with outstanding Exhibit Halls filled with both new products and services and classic stand-bys we have come to rely on.  Everything from cosmetics to computers, from braille notetakers to braille jewelry. And now, in these days of combined hybrid and in-person gatherings, Michael has done it again!  Be among the first to hear details of this year’s exhibits and exhibitors.  We will also talk about what’s involved in being an exhibitor, and how it all comes together under his guidance. We might even get him to tell us about some of the new offerings we can look forward to this summer in Omaha.  Bring your questions and be ready to take notes. This is a call you won’t want to miss!

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