220305 02 Hawaii Association of the Blind 55th Annual Virtual Convention Part 2 of 3

The Hawaii Association of the Blind Celebrates its 55th Annual Virtual State Convention
Theme: “Traveling Thru Barriers”
Saturday, March 5, 2022

  • I can connect Leah Neumann
  • “Tips and Tricks” Presentation Amy Downard, Chloe Rose & Leah Neumann
  • HAB Blind Travelers panel Discussion
    Panelist: Natalie Barrett, Onkar Nerurkar, Vickie Kennedy, Dr. Onder Islek, Crata Mizutani, and Skayboy Sonis.
    Questions to Adults on Panel: When traveling what obstacles did you have to overcome in order to get from point A to point B?
    How did you overcome those obstacles?
    What resolutions did you come to?
    What advocacy issues do you currently face?
    What stage of resolution are you currently in?
    Questions for our Youths on the Panel:
    Other than going from classroom to classroom, do you use your cane when you’re outside of your school or home?
    If yes, what types of obstacles have you faced when navigating outside of your school or home?
    In school have you faced any barriers when using technology?
    If yes, what are they?
    Are you the only blind student in your school?
    When covid-19 hit Hawai’i shortly after spring break were you given access to assistive technology that you were currently using in school?
    If not what steps if any have you taken to request for access to assistive technology?
  • ACB National Report, ACB Convention treasurer, David Trott
  • Door prizes
  • HAB Commercial Love is Blind
  • HAB Who We Are Commercial
  • HAB radio PSA
  • HAB Blind Youth Commercial

Find out more at https://acb-events.pinecast.co

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