S1E78 – 20220412 – Tuesday Topics – learn how voting and resolutions and amendments will get handled this Summer.

Tuesday Topics will continue a tradition we began last year. We explored last year just how ACB was going to vote during a totally digital convention. This year we are dealing with a different animal in that our convention in Omaha Nebraska will be a “hybrid convention”. In other words, we have to meet the needs of those folks who are at home and do not choose to attend our ACB meetings in person and the requirements of those who have decided they want to be at our conference in person!

How does this change how we will handle votes! How will we handle amendments to our governing documents if there are any? What if we don’t finish everything by the time of our last in-person meeting. The Voting Task Force has at least some of the answers to these questions and will also discuss how a one week convention has suddenly grown and why!

I am not sure just who will be a part of the task force group but I think we can expect to hear from Patrick Sheehan, Ray Campbell, John McCann and Koni Sims. We may have some others but I know we will have an exciting discussion that I hope many of you will join in. We plan to allow for lots of questions during our time together.

Find out more at https://acb-tuesday-topics.pinecast.co

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