20220315 03 DC Leadership / Legislative Seminar, Breakouts, March 15, 2022, Part 3 of 3

2022 Legislative Seminar Breakout Day 2
Originally Aired March 15, 2022, on ACB Media Channels 6, 7, and 8
3 Concurrent Breakouts

• Breakout #1: The Intersection of Accessibility, Privacy, Security, & Safety (Originally Aired on ACB Media 6)
Panel Lead:
Clark Rachfal, Director of Advocacy & Governmental Affairs

Troy Otillio, CEO, AIRA
Bryan Finney, CEO, Democracy Live
Monica Desai, Vice President, Connectivity and Access Policy, Meta

  • Breakout #2: Get Up and Get Moving: Why We Matter: The Importance of Patient Relations and Advocating for Our Health

Panel Leads:
Koni Sims, Board Member, American Council of the Blind
Terry Suarez, Member, ACB’s Get Up & Get Moving Campaign
Amanda Selm, Member, ACB’s Get Up and Get Moving Campaign
Tony Stephens, Director of Development, American Council of the Blind

  • Breakout #3: Teddie-Joy’s Law/Older Individuals with Blindness

Panel Leads:
Jeff Thom, Chair, ACB Advocacy Steering Committee & Board Member, American Council of the Blind
Mark Richert, President, eXcelsis LLC

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