20220312 03 DC Leadership / Presidents Meeting – Breakouts March 12, 2022, Part 3 of 3

20220312 Breakout Sessions
Originally Aired March 12, 2022 on ACB Media 6, 7, and 8

• Room A: ACB Membership Certification Process – Future Direction
How do we improve the process?
Cindy Hollis, ACB Membership Services Director, Flat Rock, MI
Nancy Becker, ACB Chief Financial Officer, Minneapolis, MN
Brett Humphrey, ACB Advisory Board Member, Seattle, WA

• Room B: Affiliate Communications and Marketing Tips
Are you struggling to promote your events to your members and reach community partners? Does your affiliate have a communications plan? Do you have an affiliate website or event calendar?
Deb Cook Lewis, ACB First Vice President, Lewiston, WA
Katie Frederick, ACB Board of Publications Chair, Columbus, OH
Jeff Bishop, ACB Board of Directors, Redman, WA

  • Room C: Getting Started with Your Own Affiliate, Chapter or Personal Podcast
    Learn the basics from three ACB members that have started their own podcasts
    Michael Babcock, “Your Own Pay,” Coquille, OR
    Thomas Reid, “Reid My Mind,” East Stroudsburg, PA
    Brian Charlson, “Picture This,” Watertown, MA

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