20220311 01 ACB Board of Directors Meeting March 11, 2022, Part 1 of 3

20220311 2022 ACB D.C. Leadership
Board of Directors Meeting
Originally Aired March 11, 2022, on ACB Media 6

  1. Call to Order: Dan Spoone, President
  2. Roll Call and Introduction of Guests: Denise Colley, Secretary
  3. Review and Approval of Agenda: Dan Spoone, President
  4. Review and Approval of Minutes: October 9, 2021 (Fall) and January 16, 2022 (Telephonic)Denise Colley, Secretary
  5. Mission Moment: Dan Spoone and Eric Bridges
    ACB Celebrates “Community Events” Second Birthday: ACB Community Events has hosted over 7,000 events with 150 trained hosts and 200 plus facilitators with over 150,000 individual touches: Congratulations to ACB Staff Cindy and Kolby, Community Host Leads, Lucy, Belinda, Sheila, Chanelle, Judy and Kaila, all our community hosts and facilitators and the countless ACB volunteers. In addition, thanks to ACB Media for the partnership in this effort.
  6. Consent Agenda: Dan Spoone
    – 2021 Year-End (unaudited) Financial Statements: Nancy Becker
    – Braille Forum Editor’s Report – Nutshell: Sharon Lovering
    – Advocacy Update Report: Clark Rachfal
    – 2021 Year-to-Date Development Report: Tony Stephens
    – Membership Services Report: Cindy Hollis
  7. Convention Report: Janet Dickelman, Convention Committee Chair
  8. President’s Report: Dan Spoone
    – ACB WBU Announces New Executive Director Marc Workman – Kim Charlson
    – Information, Referral and Peer Support Steering Committee Has New Staff Lead – Cindy Hollis
    – Scholarship and Awards Steering Committee has New Staff Lead – Tony Stephens
    – Auction Committee Thanks Board for Donations
    – Board Liaison Guidelines Updated (CARES) – Dan and Cindy
    – ACB Board Meeting on April 1 – Hybrid Virtual Only Final Decision

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