Ep 56 Writing Works Wonders: Dr. Tabitha Kenlon

Show Notes 56 Author Interview and Reading for Writers

Co-hosts: Cheryl McNeil Fisher and Kathy King

Accomplished author and popular ACB Community Book Club leader, Dr. Tabitha Kenlon joined us from Dublin Ireland! Our topic was “Book clubs and Reading for readers and writers!” We tapped her for a brief interview about her book related to women’s studies. And then we focus on insights include what we as writers can learn from analyzing what we read, and much more…

About Dr. Tabitha Kenlon
Tabitha is part of our ACB Community, and has a very exciting career! She is the author of  “Conduct Books and the History of the Ideal Woman,” which is now available as a Kindle book. Tabitha leads two very popular ACB Community Book Clubs, and is a former professor. She earned her PhD in English Literature from Northeastern University and is now pursuing her second master’s degree in International Relations at University College in Dublin, Ireland.

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