S1E76 – 20220329 – Tuesday Topics – how well do those of us who are blind deal with change.

Last week I completed the sale of my house in Miami. This was sort of traumatic for me and it has led me to ask how well those of us who are blind deal with change. I know I have found relocating to Jacksonville somewhat difficult. How is it for other people who are blind? Call in and tell us. What can we do to make it easier? What is hardest about leaving an environment you have grown accustomed to and friends you have had for many years?

Another area I have been thinking about lately is how we perceive folks who lose their vision later in life. Many people think that those of us who were born blind have it easier and are better adjusted to our disability. Is this actually true? Do people who have vision for much of their lives actually know more about what society expects and have a better attitude to work and inclusion in society which people born blind lack? What are the pros and cons for those who are congenitally blind (born that way) and those who are adventitiously blind (get that way later)?
I have two other topics I thought we might get to later in the program. Can you tell me about an April Fool’s experience that was pretty amazing? I hope so. I remember one person who managed to get me every year while he did it! Do you remember who that “his It started in the early eighties or maybe even in the seventies!

What kind of Easter traditions do you have? I suspect that many of us have family habits that others might enjoy hearing about! Call in and share some of them! Do you dye real eggs and hide them? Do you have Easter egg hunts that are designed to be more accessible to people who are blind? If you use plastic eggs, what is inside them? Enquiring minds want to know about your Easter!

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