S1E72 – 20220222 – Tuesday Topics – ACB Media Network – 1900.

Over the past year, there has been a lot of change in the way that the American Council of the Blind shows itself to the world. Our web site is quite new and is meant to appeal as much to those who seek us out as to those of us who are members. Last year, ACB Media arrived! What is it? What can be access there? Why have we focused away from individual elements like blogs, radio, and podcasts to a single repository? What advantages does it offer? What are recent changes? What can we look forward to in the future? What are some of the new things we can do? How do we do them? Paul will talk with ACB Media manager, Jennifer Flatt, and the newest full-time ACB employee, Rick Morin. Your feedback is welcome.

Find out more at https://acb-tuesday-topics.pinecast.co

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