20210918 PCB 2021 Virtual Conference and Convention: Day 3 Banquet

Pennsylvania Council of the Blind
2021 Virtual Conference and Convention

Saturday, September 18, 2021

  • Virtual Banquet, sponsored by the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children, Pre-Session Entertainment.
  • Greetings and Sponsor Acknowledgements, Sue Lichtenfels, Conference Coordinator.
  • PCB Student Merit Award, Suzanne Erb, PCB Board of Directors.
  • PCB Award Presentations, William Grignon, PCB Board of Directors.
  • Strengthening Community through Unity, Jonathan Mosen MNZN, Disability Advocate, Multi-Media Producer, and Assistive Technology Consultant. Born congenitally blind, Jonathan Mosen has been breaking barriers throughout his life. As the creator of ACB Radio in 1999 and the more recent Mushroom FM, he’s been a pioneer in internet radio for decades. He’s shared his knowledge and insight through podcasts, lectures, books, articles, tutorials, product reviews, and more. A native New Zealander, Jonathan’s impact on the blind community is worldwide. Be sure to join us as Jonathan speaks on “Strengthening Community through Unity.”

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