20211021 RSVA Mini BEP Training Day 2

  • “Why NAYAX Is A Better Solution?”
    Harry Kozlovsky, Senior Director of Solution Sales, Nayax
  • “Why not use Temp Agencies?”
    Tania Marler (FL), Business Development Manager, Graham Inc.
    Participants will learn why using temp agencies might help when facilities are short-staffed.
  • “RSA June circular- What does it Mean?”
    Jesse Hartle (DC),
    Rehabilitation Services Administration
  • “HR Compliance: Steps in Hiring and Firing Staff”
    Malena Otero (CA), Strategic HR Alliance
    This session focuses on Applications, interviews, employee handbook and expectations, and knowing how and when to fire an employee.
  • “Discovering new products and services to enhance your sales”
    Scott Schwingler, Vistar; Webstaurant representative also Invited.
    This session highlights advantages of adding new types of products and services as well as new food products.

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