20211030 WCB Virtual Convention: Business Meeting

  • In Memoriam; Nominations/Elections: President, First Vice President, Treasurer and 3 board directors; Proposed Operations Budget for 2022; Proposed Constitution and Bylaw Amendments
    Resolutions; Old business; New business
  • The Science of Sound (career panel)
    The panelists share how sound has played an important part of their lives, from being part of their career path to ways to make entertainment more accessible for the blind to radio, podcasting, and advocating through the use of social media.
    Facilitated by Hayley Agers, Chair, WCB Families Committee
    Panelists: Joey Stuckey, owner and Senior Engineer
    Shadow Sound Studio
    Debbie Hazelton, podcast producer/Grid FM radio host
    Anna Garcia, “Blind with a Vision” YouTube content creator
    Tanja Milojevic, voiceover artist/podcast producer

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