20220122 – KABVI (Kansas) 2022 Virtual Convention – Day 3 Part 1

Kansas Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (KABVI) 2022 Virtual Convention

Saturday Jan. 22, 2022

  • Zoom Reminders,, ACB host intro. And thank-you, sponsors, door-prizes
  • AT Guys, J.J. Meddaugh
  • GoodMaps, videos and Mike May, Chief Evangelist
  • Setting up a “How-To” user’s group, fund-raising, membership items, Carolyn Thomasin, Membership Secretary, Ann Byington, Membership participants
  • White Cane Users Alerting Drivers, ♣ Rev. Dr. Gene Bourquin, Pedestrian Control Over Drivers’ Yielding: All pedestrians are reliant on drivers to yield when they share spaces like crosswalks with vehicles. Many
    variables affect drivers’ behaviors. This presentation reviewed factors that affect the behaviors, emphasizing the principles and techniques pedestrian
    can use to increase the likelihood of drivers yielding. Presenters:
  • Guidelights and Gadgets Barry Scheurer
  • White Cane Safety Day, KS State School for the Blind presentation
  • Meet the KS Author of Dust and roses: losing everything is only the beginning …Wes Brummer, DBC08678
    1930’s Kansas. Sara McGurk has a comfortable life: an exciting boyfriend, a good home, and a responsible job. She answers the fan mail for her father’s radio show. And a broadcasting network has just picked Pastor’s program for a national debut. Sam McGurk is about to become a celebrity. But Sara gets some unexpected news. She is with child. The fa©ʹade of her easy life is
    about to implode. Some violence.

And he has a new book out!

  • Finish KABVI business

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