20211123 MCAC Focus Call:

MCAC Focus Call:

ACB’s Multicultural Affairs Committee invited listeners to join the first bilingual- Spanish and English Focus Call. The members of MCAC chose this memoir, My Beloved World (DB760), about our first female Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. It tells a story that seems familiar yet is unique to the life and experiences of Sonia Sotomayor. Listeners were invited to read the book. The committee was Joined by listeners for a great conversation. ACB members were on hand to facilitate the translation between the two languages so that all in attendance could participate.
Los miembros de éste comité escogió ésta memoria de nuestra Primera jueza hispana de la Corte Suprema porque cuenta una historia que es conocida, pero a la vez es única a la vida y experiencias de Sonia Sotomayor. Te invitamos a leer este libro. Acompáñanos, y tengamos una buena conversación. Tendremos miembros del Consejo Americano de Invidentes en ésta llamada para traducir en los dos idiomas para que todos presentes puedan participar.
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Sponsored by ACB Multicultural Affairs Committee

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