S1E68 – 20220111 – Tuesday Topics – More on the year 2021 – 190006.

Last week we talked about some of the characteristics of last year. However, we did not come close to discussing all the elements of last year. 2020 seemed like a year when race relations took some steps forward. How was 2021? What did ACB accomplish in 2021? How has service delivery to newly blinded people changed with COVID? What about school for children who are blind? We heard nothing about music from last year! We didn’t hear much about movies or television! Are there cool examples you can share? In your states have there been good or bad things that made 2021 stand out? How about in your towns or cities? Is there something that happened to you that made 2021 special. I almost died and that does a lot to change the perspective that one brings to the rest of one’s life!

I suppose it may seem that we are looking into the immediate past too much but, for me, examining and understanding what has gone before is the only way to be able to appropriately guess at what is to come. So, as well, we may want to ask what 2021 has left behind for us! Please be a part of Tuesday Topics tonight! I will be very lonely without you!

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