S1E67 – 20220104 – Tuesday Topics – Evaluating 2021.

This is a reminder for you not to miss being a part of evaluating 2021 now that it’s gone! Tuesday Topics will happen for the first time in 2022 on January 4 from 7 to 9 PM. It will in fact be our third attempt to talk about the year that will be was by the time we do the program. Without my knowledge, the Tuesday Topics folks and other friends of mine decided that it would be nice to do an issue of Tuesday Topics consisting of recollections from friends of mine surrounding my birthday. Today I turned 76 so it was a celebration that occurred on my birthday eve. It was wonderful to see how many folks turned up and how many who couldn’t be there who sent good wishes. There are lots of heartwarming greetings and stories during the show last night and, while it may seem a little egoistic, I commend it to your attention. I was very surprised and amazed by how many folks came to the birthday bash! Thanks everyone!

On Tuesday January 4 2022 Tuesday Topics will ask all of you to turn up to talk about 2021.
2021 has been quite a year! We have had lots of events occur! There were lots of things we can be proud about and perhaps some things that we would like to have changed.
I thought it might be fun to do a really wide-ranging program on the best and the worst. Perhaps it will become the first of an annual happening! What was the best song you heard? What song absolutely drove you crazy it was so bad? What about books? Was there a particularly cool book you read in 2021 which you would like to share? It doesn’t have to have been published this year though it would be cool if it was. What about the best television show? What even happened for people who are blind that was cool this year? Was there a big visually impaired bust you’d like to share with us and I am not referring here either to breasts or statues!
Did you discover a new app this year that is really cool? Did you find a new store you think we should know about? Did you meet someone you think was cool you’d like to tell us about?

If it seems to you that this show is wide open, you are a discerning participant. Every year has a character all its own! 2021 is no different! If you had to think of a single word for this year, what would it be? Our Tuesday Topic this week is everything 2021! We need you to share your 2021 with us and to comment on our 2021 highlights. Was it a “very good year” or can we hardly wait till it fades into yesterday on January the first!

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