Ep 35 Writing Works Wonders-Science Fiction Mur Lafferty

Show Notes, Episode 35, Mur Lafferty & Science Fiction

Co-hosts: Cheryl McNeil Fisher and Kathy King

Why would an author lock up her Switch gaming station? What is fanfiction? Where do we access free original sci fi podcast magazines? And which publications purchase short stories from authors? Mur Lafferty, our first guest author of Science Fiction and Fantasy, answers these questions, and offers keen insight into these worlds and genres. We learn about free science fiction and other original works available in podcast format by our guest, and through EscapeArtists.net. She also clues us into the backstory of her Star Wars books, short stories, novels, serials, and podcasts! An award-winning author, writer and podcaster, you will enjoy learning about her work, writing tricks, and perspective! So, (in the style of EscapePod introductions…) put on you magical glasses, it’s interview time!”

About Mur Lafferty

Mur is an accomplished author, editor and podcaster. She earned a degree in English from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her MFA from the University of Maine’s Stonecoast Popular Fiction Program. She currently lives in Durham, NC. She is an innovator and dynamic creative energy in science fiction, fantasy, nonfiction and encouraging geeks and writers to embrace their identities and potential.

Her published works and awards are numerous. As of 2021, here is a brief summary of works: seven novels, six novellas, two anthologies, several short fiction works, serial works and co-editor of the science fiction magazine, EscapePod. She has even leveraged her passion for science fiction and writing skills into writing a RPG, a role playing game.

In addition, we can’t begin to sort out how many podcasts she has contributed to and/or launched. She has been hosting “I Should Be Writing” for many years.

In 2015, Mur Lafferty was inducted into the Podcast Academy Hall of Fame. She has been awarded The Astounding Award for Best New Writer (previously known as the John W. Campbell Award). And very notably, her novel “Six Wakes” was nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick Awards.

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