ACB Board of Directors Meeting October 9, 2021 Hybrid from Omaha

2021 ACB Fall Board of Directors Meeting Saturday, October 9, 2021 Broadcast on ACB Media Six 10:00AM EDT – 6:00PM EDT

  1. Call to Order: Dan Spoone, President
  2. Roll Call and Introduction of Guests: Denise Colley, Secretary
  3. Review and Approval of Agenda: Dan Spoone, President
  4. Review and Approval of Minutes: August 31 (2021 Resolutions Part One), Denise Colley, Secretary
  5. Mission Moment: Dan Spoone and Eric Bridges

Over 100 Visitors Brochures Described Through Google Grant: Partnership with The National Park Service (NPS), The University Of Hawaii And ACB Through The UNID Project: Jo Lynn Bailey Page, Deb Cook Lewis, ADP Steering Committee, And ACB Affiliate Volunteers

6. Consent Agenda: Dan Spoone

A. 2021 Year-To-Date Financial Statements: Nancy Becker

B. Braille Forum Editor’s Report – Nutshell: Sharon Lovering

C. Advocacy Update Report: Clark Rachfal

D. 2021 Year-To-Date Development Report: Tony Stephens and Jo Lynn Bailey Page

E. ACB Media Network Report: Jennifer Flatt

F. Membership Services Report: Cindy Hollis

7. Convention Report: Janet Dickelman, Convention Committee Chair

8. President’s Report: Dan Spoone

A. Resolution (2.0) And Voting Task Force (2.0) Ad Hoc Committees Formed

B. ACB WBU Searches for New Executive Director – Kim Charlson

C. Affiliate Board Liaisons to Be Assigned

D. Archive Committee Formed – Chris Gray and David Trott

E. Board Agenda Will Be changed To Program Format for Future Meetings

9. Staff Reports

A. Executive Director: Eric Bridges

B. Advocacy Update: Clark Rachfal

C. Resource Development: Tony Stephens

D. Member Services: Cindy Hollis

E. Chief Financial Officer: Nancy Becker

10. Lunch

11. Executive Session

12. Election Of Executive Committee: President, Two Officers and Two Board Members

13. Financial Narrative for 2021 Year-To-Date: David Trott, ACB Treasurer

14. Review And Approval of ACB Travel Policy: Eric Bridges, Executive Director

15. Review And Approval of The ACB Internship Policy: Eric Bridges, Executive Director

16. Review And Approval of the Reasonable Accommodations Policy: presented by Clark Rachfal, ACB ADA Coordinator

17. Board Of Publications (BOP) Report Penny Reader, BOP Director

18. ACB Media Network Data Analysis: Jennifer Flatt, ACB Communications Manager

19. ACB Media Outreach to Other Media Sources: Jennifer Flatt

20. Board Discussion on Program and Services Steering Committees: Dan Spoone and Eric Bridges

21. Adjourn

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