ACB Board of Directors Meeting September 29, 2021 Resolutions P:art Two

2021 ACB Resolutions Part 2
Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Broadcast on ACB Media Six
7:30PM EDT – 11:30PM EDT

1.      Call to Order: Dan Spoone, President
2.      Roll Call and Introduction of Guests: Denise Colley, Secretary
3.      Review and Approval of Agenda: Dan Spoone, President
4.      Review and Approval of July 16 (Preconvention) Minutes: Denise Colley, Secretary
5.      Nomination and Appointment of Budget Committee Members (3): Nominations from the board
6.      Review and Approval Of 2021 ACB Resolutions Part 2: Each Resolution Requires Board Approval
a.       Resolution 2021-1:  Mandatory Disability Awareness Training for Health Care Workers
b.      Resolution 2021-04:  Resolution Addressing Allegations of Sexual Assault, Harassment and Abuse at Blindness Training Centers and Other Rehabilitation Programs
c.       Resolution 2021-06:  Website Access
d.      Resolution 2021-7:  Accessibility of Pill Packs for Individuals who are Blind or Visually Impaired
e.       Resolution 2021-9:  Website Overlays
f.       Resolution 2021-10:  Spanish Resolution
g.       Resolution 2021-14:  Emotional Support Animals
h.      Resolution 2021-16:  Accessible Programs at the VA
i.        Resolution 2021-18:  Medicaid Home and Community-based Services
j.        Resolution 2021-21:  Voter Suppression of People with Disabilities
k.       Resolutions 2021-26:  Inclusive Language in Communications
l.        Resolution 2021-28:  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
m.     Resolution 2021-29:  Free Matter for the Blind
n.      Resolution 2021-30:  Website and App Access
o.      Resolution 2021-31:  National TVI Registry
p.      Resolution 2021-34:  Promotion of Mental and Emotional Health and Wellbeing as an Organizational Priority
q.      Resolution 2021-36:  Appointments to State Rehabilitation Councils
7.      Adjourn

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